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Location : lower section of the "Dorului" Valley , Bucegi Mountain.

Predeal - 30cm
Sinaia -20 cm

Azuga - 25 cm

Parang - N/A
Poiana Brasov -30 cm
Date : 12 Jan. 2000

Future Snow Forecast the snow will be here in great quantities.


Read this month's article : "A guide to : Forest Skiing" by Adrian Ciobanu .

"Offroad skiing as a skiers movement is getting more and more support from every skier who view my guest book thinks he deserves more than straight , overcrowded tracks , but it also poses some serious concerns ...(click to read more)"


23 Feb. 2000 - A new cable transport is under study in the "Bucegi" area . (click to read more)

28 October 1999 - the first version is online.

15 November 1999 - more pictures galleries are added.

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2 April 2000-the partial version is online.
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27 sep. 2000 - the "Busteni" cable car was badly damaged by cable dysfunction.(click here to read more)
5 sep. 2000 -Good news ! in 'Busteni' the construction of the the Omu cable car just begun..(click here to read more)
20 oct. 2000 - the snow is finally on our mountains. Good weather with snowfalls and blizzards is expected ..(click here to read more)
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13 September 2000-the site gets more functional.
10 august 2000-more updates in the 2.0 version
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22.12.2000 - after the last 2 month of virtually no snow, the tracks are up and running ! Good skiing to everyone !